Guest Blog: Helping Children Bloom For Back To School

January 31, 2014

Bloom: Helping Children Blossom

We’re back to school with more useful resources than ever.  Getting back  to routines, homework and after school activities doesn’t have to be stressful. Our site has hundreds of free articles to support you and your family. Take a peek and let us know what else you need.
1. Our NEW book Bloom: Helping children blossom
is on sale for clinicians, teachers and parents. Download it, read it, share it with your children’s teachers. We can move this generation of children (ages 3-10) away from relying on consequences to manage behavior and into brain-based skill building.

2. If your 3rd-5th graders are having difficulty with their math facts Dr. Lynne’s new program PLAY MATH can help! I have two spots left for private Play Math in your own home. Learn how to help your own child learn his/her math facts, multiplication and division. You can change the trajectory of your child’s math learning with blocks, balls and marker boards.  Yes, indeed, we have blocks if you need them!

3. Did you know that the USDA just passed healthy school snack rules for next year.

4. I’ll be teaching in 17 cities this Fall/Winter, if your school is looking for a speaker on Executive Function, Homework Skills or Math they can email us at The talks are lively and fun, they range from 45 mins to 6 hrs.

5. NEW FILMS FOR KiDS ~ FUNDI teaches EF to kiddos.
Developed by neuroscientists in Spain, they are totally free and terrific. Take a peek. Use them for work, school and home, I do and kids love them.

Peace and joy to you for more Back To School Success!

Dr. Lynne

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