Dreading the holiday scheduling with your co-parent?

November 19, 2013

254x331With the holidays right around the corner,  it may be the perfect time for you and your co-parent to try KidsOnTime.com, the most advanced shared parenting calendar on the market.

Divorced? Separated? Blended Family?

Whatever your scenario, Kids On Time will help you and your co-parent communicate more effectively.

Kids On Time is the proven leader in reducing conflict, court appearances and improving the lives of the children when parents are living in separate homes.

We know shared parenting isn’t easy, but it’s always worth it, and with Kids On Time it can be made easier.

Our online calendar is equipped with drag and drop appointment scheduling, enhanced parenting time schedules and location mapping with mobile check-in functionally.


Try the Free Trial today!

About Unhooked Books
Unhooked Books is the one place for people to find the best and most current information and resources available on personality disorders, high-conflict personalities, divorce, parenting, co-parenting, living healthy, eating healthy, and managing your life. Founder & CEO, Megan Hunter, established one place for people in any type of relationship to find tools to enhance relationships, prevent relationship disaster and handle relationship transition. Her firm belief is that with just a little education, most people can resolve most relationship issues.


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