Safe Kids, Smart Parents

November 1, 2013

Halloween is over and the kids are back to school. Here’s to hoping that everyone had a fun and safe trick-or-treating night, but it leads us to think about educating your kids about stranger danger, after having allowed them to ring a stranger’s doorbell and accept a treat.

In Safe Kids, Smart Parents, authors Rebecca Bailey, PhD and Elizabeth Bailey, RN, BC, offer a chapter called “Be alert. The World Needs More Lerts”. They advocate teaching your child to think critically, which includes assessing a situation and deciding how to respond appropriately, and the authors even provide games for you to play with your children that help them do that.

The book is filled with everything you need to know to keep your kids safe, including an age-specific chart on when to tell your kids specific safety-related information, and “the safe kid kit” that is written directly to kids and meant specifically for them. It includes:

I. Just For Older Kids

Ages 12-15

Age 15 and Up

II. More Just for Kids Age 12 and Up

A Word to the Wise, and You Are Wise

What’s a Girl to Do

III. Just for the ‘Tweeners

Ages 9-12

IV. Just for the Younger Kids

Ages 6-9

Ages 3-6

V. The Safety Agreement

For Older Kids

For Younger Kids

VI. Safety Equations

VII. The Safe List

VIII. Resources and Information

IX. What to Do if a Child is Missing

Get your copy while it’s on sale here!

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