Co-Parenting Tips for Divorced Parents

September 6, 2013

125x125Co-parenting is a norm now. When I was a kid, not a single kid in my class came from a divorced home, but many do now. Raising kids in two homes adds a layer of complexity to parenting that needs careful handling. Otherwise, kids suffer.

This important co-parenting tip from, which is a tool for divorced parents in separate homes to use to keep information about the kids in one place. Their Online Family Calendar offers real-time alerts, drag and drop scheduling, kids’ soccer schedules, piano lessons and other events, and other advanced features to helps parents focus on parenting and be involved in their kids’ lives.
If you are divorced, separated or otherwise raising your children in a separate home from their other parent, it is important, for their well-being that you learn to co-parent. Do not just share parent, parallel parent or parent in tandem, but, instead, actually co-parent. This means treating the other parent with respect, not bad-mouthing them in front of your children or on social media. If your child comes to your home in an outfit that was purchased by the other parent, that is okay, let them wear it, it shows that you are accepting of the situation and that you care about their well-being. When it is your parenting time, focus on being a parent, and listening to your child, not about what your personal wants and needs are. Focus on what is best for your child, what you can do to ensure that you are raising them to be well-adjusted and resilient. Put your conflict with the other parent aside. Work with them. Using tools such as Kids On Time can truly make a difference in the methodology and effectiveness of how you communicate with the other parent. Make each communications decision with your children’s best interest at heart, and you will find co-parenting is far less stressful than shared parenting ever was.

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