America & Canada in the World’s Top 15 Most Emotional Countries

September 4, 2013

BOOK481-2Two things I love: cultural geography and emotions. I was understandably excited about this convergence of the two on this colorful map that gauges each country’s emotion expressiveness.

Mostly, the countries fall where you’d expect, but there were a few surprises. The highlights:

· U.S. and Canada in the top 15

· Singapore the least emotional

· Philippines the most emotional (strange as they are in the same geographical region)

· English and Spanish-speaking countries are generally pretty happy

· Former Soviet bloc countries among the unhappiest

· Africans are generally stoic

· Middle Easterners are not happy

Having personally experienced the lack of emotion in Singapore’s business community, I understand the lack of emotion. The article author suggests that the stress of urban life could lend itself to negative emotions.

The West is generally more emotive while the East remains stuck in negative emotions. Wouldn’t it be interesting to compare drug, alcohol and suicide rates in these countries?

A good book on the mind and emotions is Daniel Siegel’s The Developing Mind, 2nd ed.

Have a happy day wherever you are at this moment on the planet!

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