Protecting Your Kids from Predators: New Book from Jaycee Dugard’s Therapist

August 12, 2013

safe kidsA few years ago we were shocked when we learned of Jaycee Dugard’s abduction and imprisonment – and relieved that she survived. In May 2013, we were stunned to watch it unfold again with the abduction and long-term imprisonment of three young women in Ohio. This weekend we watched as yet another young woman was kidnapped in California. Thanks to the FBI’s quick actions, her ordeal ended quickly. This happens every single day and every parent needs to be aware of new and old dangers and learn how to keep our kids safe and teach them to protect themselves.

Recently, I was fortunate to meet Dr. Rebecca Bailey, therapist to Jaycee Dugard. I’d devoured Jaycee’s book about the trauma of her ordeal in A Stolen Life. Dr. Bailey is the type of person we collectively wish for Jaycee to have her in life: vibrant, skilled, compassionate, funny and caring. When I met her in May, she’d just put finishing touches on a book written to parents with the latest information on keeping their kids safe: Safe Kids, Smart Parents. In this just-released and timely book, Dr. Bailey tells parents how to keep their children – toddlers to teens — safe. The foreword is written by Terry Probyn, Jaycee’s mother.

Whether your children are six or sixteen, whether you live in a rural town, suburb, or a bustling city, all parents worry about threats—from cyber-bullying to exploitation and abduction. What should you tell your children and when? What practical steps can you take to reduce the risks and keep your kids safe? Dr. Rebecca Bailey, with the assistance of her sister and registered nurse, Elizabeth, gives easily understood, easily followed answers in this must-have guidebook available here.

Safe Kids, Smart Parents builds on Dr. Bailey’s years of experience as a family psychologist helping real families deal with real situations. From abduction to abuse, Bailey explains how parents can speak to their kids about troubling topics while building their self-esteem and teaching them how to protect themselves. A smart, comprehensive, and easy-to-read resource, Safe Kids, Smart Parents is the most important book a parent can own.

My kids are grown-up now and will have children of their own in the next ten years or so. You can bet this book will be one of the first this grandma will have the parents read!

Megan Hunter

About Dr. Rebecca Bailey
rebecca baileyRebecca Bailey, PhD, is a leading family psychologist and personal therapist. She is a graduate of the Wright Institute, has worked as the director of her local police department’s youth and family services program, and is the founder of the Innovative Transitioning Families program. She has been interviewed by Diane Sawyer, Chris Cuomo, and Piers Morgan, and has appeared on Good Morning America. Dr. Bailey lives with her husband in California, where she raised five children. Watch her interview on CNN here.

Elizabeth Bailey, RN BC, is a board certified psychiatric registered nurse and a graduate of Hampshire College and Santa Monica College. She lives with her family in Los Angeles.

Terry Probyn is a board member of the JAYC Foundation and has been in the media speaking about child safety, abduction, and victims’ rights since her daughter’s abduction in 1990. She is one of the founders of the Just Ask Yourself to Care Foundation (JAYC), and she lives with her family in California.

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