New Web-Based Program Helps Children Cope After Divorce

July 19, 2013

codcodKids whose parents divorce do not need to suffer the significant life disruption and long-term effects that we typically see. Intervening with proven tools during and after the divorce can increase their short- and long-term mental health and help them cope. Thus, resilience is increased and at a very small cost! One such program, Children of Divorce-Coping with Divorce is a brand-new tool that divorcing parents should consider for their children, and one that Unhooked Books is proud to offer. Read on to learn about the program directly from its creator, Dr. Jessie Boring.

New research has found that an internet-based coping program, Children of Divorce–Coping with Divorce (CoD-CoD), promotes coping efficacy and reduces mental health problems in children from divorced families. The CoD-CoD program is now being offered in partnership with

 The CoD-CoD Program

Children of Divorce–Coping with Divorce (CoD-CoD) is an internet-based mental health promotion program for children of divorce ages 11 and up. It takes a child approximately one hour per week over a 5-week period to complete.  The program is designed to promote the development of four divorce-specific protective factors that have been identified through previous research.

Why Divorcing Parents Enroll Their Children in CoD-CoD

Parents who are worried about how their children are coping with divorce find CoD-CoD as a convenient and effective way of giving them extra support and preventing problems. CoD-CoD  was evaluated in a randomized experimental trial conducted at the Arizona State University Prevention Research Center which found that:

  • CoD-CoD improves coping efficacy (the child’s belief that they can cope with stressors).
  • CoD-CoD reduces mental health problems.
  • Program effects are strongest for children with higher risk and more initial problems.

CoD-CoD was created to make state of the art support available to all children.

Kids Learn and Gain Resilience

CoD-CoD utilizes a variety of methods to engage children and adolescents including videos, animations, interactive activities, quizzes, and video games. Not only does the research indicate improved mental health and coping for kids who take it, most kids say it is “great” and that it was helpful. Here is what they like about the program:

  • It’s Private: They can get help with their thoughts, feeling, and problems without fear of embarrassment.
  • It’s Helpful: They set their own program goal and almost all children make progress toward that goal.
  • It’s Personalized: The program help them address the topics and concerns that interest them most.
  • It’s Engaging: Parents sometimes assume their children are playing video games because they stay so focused while using it.
  • It’s Funny: It’s not uncommon for kids to laugh out loud during the program.

 More information on CoD-CoD, including how to enroll children in the program, is available here.

About Dr. Jesse Boring

Jesse is the creator and developer of CoD-CoD. Because the program was a passion project and had to be developed on a tight budget, he wrote the script, narrated the program, coordinated the animations, helped design the website, and suckered his family into acting in many of the videos. This personal attachment to the program led to its distinctive personal style and may explain why CoD-CoD has a program completion rate nearly double that of similar programs.

Dr. Boring is committed to continuing his research in the development of online programs and since graduating from his Clinical Psychology Ph.D. program he has worked developing online content for the Arizona State and Penn State Prevention Research Centers. He runs with his dog in the woods almost every day (…except when he’s feeling lazy).

About Unhooked Books

Unhooked Books is the one place for people to find the best and most current information and resources available on personality disorders, high-conflict personalities, divorce, parenting, co-parenting, living healthy, eating healthy, and managing your life. Founder & CEO, Megan Hunter, established one place for people in any type of relationship to find tools to enhance relationships, prevent relationship disaster and handle relationship transition. Her firm belief is that with just a little education, most people can resolve most relationship issues.

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