All About Better Parenting Month: Books to Support Your Parenting

February 6, 2013

7teenagerstellBook444-27 Things Your Teenager Won’t Tell You  Every teenager keeps secrets. And every parent worries that those secrets could lead to dangerous or risky behavior. In this clear-eyed guide to keeping pace, and peace, with teens today, authors Lippincott and Deutsch – one an educator, the other a psychologist, both parents – offer a deceptively simple plan to break down those barriers based on three clear rules: Teens need to stay safe, show respect, and keep in touch. The key? Keep the conversation going. How? By understanding that there are things in adolescent life that, like acne and attitude, are part of the landscape. Click here to read full description.




A Smart Girl’s Guide to Her Parents’ Divorce The changes that come with divorce can be difficult. This advice book by Nancy Holyoke, A Smart Girl’s Guide to Her Parent’s Divorce: How to Land on Your Feet When Your World Turns Upside Down will help a girl to better understand her parents’ divorce, from the initial split-up to a remarriage. The book includes quizzes and tips, plus advice from real girls who’ve been there and have wisdom to share. Click here to read full description.




Becoming a Better Parent is intended for parents, those who will become parents, future students of parenting, and professionals who work with parents, children and families. The author, Bob Lang, a licensed mental health and substance abuse professional, effectively blends both the art and science of parenting to provide us with a new multi-dimensional insight into the complexity of the parent-child system. This book provides an integrative and inclusive model of parenting based on years of experience, knowledge, research, and know-how. Click here to read full description.


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