National No Name-Calling Month: Guest Blog: Finally! A Solution to Nurse-to-Nurse Bullying

January 28, 2013

As we’ve been discussing all month, bullying in the workplace is rampant. This guest blog, written by Renee Thompson, MSN, RN, CMSRN, draws our attention to what happens to nurses on the job every day. In this blog and in others we will publish, she explains who the bullies are, and how she’s been successful in dealing with them. UnHooked Books will soon carry her book, Do No Harm. Let’s work together to end bullying to nurses, we invite you to pass this blog along to anyone who works as a nurse or in the medical profession.
Ask any nurse if he or she has heard the phrase, “Nurses eat their young,” and you’ll get nods of sad recognition. Nurses choose their profession to deliver compassionate and effective patient care, and then they discover the ugly in nursing: nurses can be horrific to each other.
I am thrilled to announce my first book titled, “Do No Harm” Applies to Nurses Too! Strategies to protect and bully-proof yourself at work.
I wrote this book because of you and all of the other nurses who are out there dealing with this embarrassing and devastating problem.
Here is a sneak peek at the chapters you will find in this book:
1.   Nurses are eating their young – everywhere
2.   Meet the bully family
3.   Bullying attraction factors – who makes a good target?
4.   Laying the foundation to protect yourself
5.   The “why” behind nurse bully behavior
6.   Profiles of bully nurses you may know
7.   Steps to stop the bullying
8.   When enough is enough
9.   What to do if the bully is you
10.  It is time for everyone to act
11.  Bonus section for organizations
If you are worried about becoming a bully’s target, dealing with a bully at work, or if you are a manager who is trying to eliminate bullying behavior on your unit/department, this book is for you. Remember, you deserve to work in a supportive and nurturing environment!
Thanks for reading. Be kind to each other and stay connected

Renee Thompson, MSN, RN, CMSRN, has more than 20 years healthcare experience encompassing clinical practice, education, and executive leadership across the continuum of care.  This diverse experience has afforded Renee the unique ability to view the delivery of healthcare from a 360° perspective.  She is well known for her energizing and entertaining speaking style, along with her ability to simplify complex concepts in a way that helps nurses succeed.

Renee is a published author and speaks nationwide to healthcare organizations and academic institutions motivating her audience at keynote addresses, professional conferences, workshops, and seminars.  Renee inspires nurses and other healthcare professionals in a fun and interactive fashion sharing her vision through storytelling with meaningful life lessons and examples. Her presentations focus on improving clinical and professional competence, effective communication and leadership, building a positive and healthy workplace, and nurturing a culture of respect.

Renee’s passion for educating and her dedication to the nursing profession are common threads in all she does.  She is committed to leading nurses on the road to exemplary practice. To order my book on bullying, please click here! To bring Renee to your organization to talk about bullying, please contact her through her website by clicking here. RTConnections, LLC,  412-445-2653


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