Guest Blog: Becoming a Better Parent, by Bob Lang

November 8, 2012

We’ve just added a new book on parenting to our store called Becoming a Better Parent: Ten Things We Need to Know About Parenting written by Bob Lang, LPC, LAC, MAC, SAP, a licensed mental health and substance abuse counselor based in Colorado, USA. We asked Bob to write a short synopsis of the book. Enjoy!

Bob Lang: I’m excited to talk with you about my book “Becoming a Better Parent.” Unlike other parenting books, my book goes beyond current limitations to provide a comprehensive and compassionate model that focuses on the entire parenting continuum. It contains a combined wisdom that has become my passion and is presented in a way that sheds new light on an age old subject. As a licensed mental health and addictions professional in providing forensic and therapeutic services, I’m delighted to share these system based perspectives on parenting with you. This book is an integrative and inclusive model of parenting that is based on 30 years of experience, knowledge, research, and know-how.

Intended to enlighten the path for parenting in the future, my only mission is to generate a similar enthusiasm in moving toward a better understanding of parenting. It is an effective blend of the art and science of parenting that provides us all with a new parameters-based approach for understanding the true complexity of parenting. Intended for professionals and parents alike it provides us all with a new framework for developing a multidimensional insight into the parent-child system.

My search for an answer to the driving question, ‘what does it mean to be a good parent?’ has opened up the horizon to a new frontier in parenting. These pathways form a new theoretical orientation to parenting that I hope creates a similar desire in your own search for truth. This book has developed its own course and has become a divergent path from the current advice driven parent literature that seeks to transcend our common knowledge of parenting. It attempts to transform our current views about parents, children, and their relationship, and creates a cohesive theory of effective parenting. It probes the deepest places of our hearts, minds and souls so we can all seek to create a better world for our children and make a difference in the future.

Unhooked Books: unHooked Books is an online bookstore specializing in personality disorders, high-conflict people, living healthy, eating healthy, and better managing life.

Megan Hunter and Life Unhooked:

Megan Hunter is founder and CEO of and Life Unhooked, a speaking, training and consulting company that provides a fresh perspective and approach to help companies and individuals identify and overcome the damaging behaviors of HCD’s – whether they are employees, customers, vendors, board members, or anyone in your life. Most importantly we help you ‘unhook’ from these peoples’ behaviors so that you can make the right, next decisions – cleanly and clearly. She is also the co-founder of the High Conflict Institute launched in 2007 with Bill Eddy, LCSW, Esq., an internationally renowned expert in High Conflict Personalities. She has been the recipient of several awards including the President’s Award by the Arizona Family Support Council (2005), the Friend of Psychology Award by the Arizona Psychology Association (2006) and the Outstanding Contribution Award by the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts (2010). She is a volunteer in several organizations including a member of Tanzania Project and Vice President of Personality Disorder Awareness Network (PDAN). She holds a BA degree in business from Chadron State College and an MBA from the University of Phoenix. To contact Megan about speaking engagements or to gather more information, email

Bob Lang:

Bob is a licensed mental health and addictions counselor, has his Master’s degree from Northern Arizona University and has been in practice since 1983. He was the founder and is the owner of Family Treatment Centers and is a co-occurring specialist. Bob is a forensic and legalistic evaluator and is an expert witness. He is a Family Systems authority and works as a consultant, writer and presenter. He is member of the state and national professional associations in mental health and substance abuse.

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