New Study : Psychopaths Have Poor Sense of Smell. Does it Matter?

September 21, 2012

A new study released from Macquarie University in Australia indicates that psychopaths — people who have a severe personality disorder marked by “lack of empathy, antisocial behavior and callousness” — seem to have an impairment in smelling.

The trial studied 79 individuals, aged 19-21, who were not criminals and who lived in the community. They found that the participants had difficulty identifying particular smells such as coffee, orange, and leather, and also had trouble discriminating them against other smells.

Hmmm, interesting. Should we put the olfactory-challenged on the potential psychopath list?  Hardly. The list would be quite long I suspect as sense of smell can be present in people suffering with Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and schizophrenia.

So, why is this important? Does it matter?

I believe it does and here’s why. Psychopaths have been shown to be so manipulative that they can even beat lie detector tests. According to this study, because performance expectancies are not clear in smell tests, they are less susceptible to manipulated responses. In other words, it’s difficult for a psychopath to beat a smell test.

This may have value in identifying psychopathic people. Equally important and a hoped-for outcome, in my opinion, is early detection of potential psychopaths. It’s been long and widely known that little to no effective treatment for adult psychopaths exists; however, a recent study I read in Scientific American Mind magazine indicated that given the right treatment, some improvement can be made with juvenile psychopaths. There is also a strong genetic factor in antisocial personality disorder.

Perhaps the smell test can be utilized on young offenders and young people with a known genetic link to a psychopath, and followed up with proven treatment. Psychopaths can be highly disruptive in families, communities and the workplace. Their high-conflict behavior is marked by a fear of being dominated, so they are driven by a need to dominate those around them. Developing empathy and reducing their dominating behavior would benefit everyone around them – at home, at work and around town.

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