Liberia No Longer Wants to be a Third World Country and Known for its Poverty and Strife.

April 9, 2012

I had opportunity this week to attend a presentation by Vice President Hon. Joseph M. Boakai of Liberia, Africa, who visited Phoenix with a delegation from his country. After a 14-year conflict, the country is in the rebuilding stage and have a strong desire to revolutionize their country, under the leadership of twice-elected President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. Oil deposits have been discovered which could cause ruin if the country allows itself to be exploited; however, they wisely have determined to manage all aspects of oil exploration, and growth in every sector of their economy.

Liberia no longer wants to be a Third World Country and known for its poverty and strife. President Sirleaf and Vice President Boakai, who have been democratically elected twice in the last six years, are guiding the country into a new future. They are taking the reins and building relationships with potential U.S. partners who can not only help them build infrastructure to support expected growth, but to bring direct foreign investment into Liberia and transfer knowledge and technical expertise to their people.

What does this have to do with Unhooked Books?  
I took a moment to give a copy of one of the books we publish, It’s All Your Fault!  12 Tips for Managing People Who Blame Others for Everything, with one of the speakers of the day, the woman responsible for investment and growth in Liberia – a brilliant woman. The title resonated with her immediately. She explained that Liberians in general have adopted an attitude of blaming everything – absolutely everything – on the war. She said that every document produced started with, “As a result of the 14-year conflict…..”, which she promptly had removed from those documents.

While she recognizes that people are still traumatized by the conflict, she also knows they must move on and remain stuck in the past. A characteristic of high-conflict people is that they get stuck in the second stage of grief – anger – causing them to remain stuck in the past. The resulting lifelong patterns of behavior emanate from that place and they stay hooked on events, ideas, issues, etc., for which they have little or no control over. They see life through an all or nothing lens and have little hope of moving forward.

I commend the leaders of Liberia for moving the country forward from a place of blame to a thriving, healthy economy.


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