Christie Brinkley says: “Google, divorcing a narcissist”!

April 2, 2012

Christie Brinkley’s ongoing court battle stemming from her divorce from fourth husband, Peter, reared its ugly head again this week as Christie discussed a recent child support hearing on the nationally-televised Today show. She claims to have never said negative things about him to the kids and portrays herself as a woman, like thousands of other woman, who are victims of narcissists.

However, she admits to saying at the end of the second trial to a room of reporters:  ‘Google, “divorcing a narcissist’”.

She claims that he has partaken in character assassination since the day he realized she wasn’t coming back to him.

We don’t have Peter’s side of the story, other than her statement during the Today interview claiming he called her a narcissistic egomaniac.

So, who is the narcissist here? We don’t have enough information to know if one, both or neither may be a narcissist or have a high-conflict personality. We have clues from her interview that she sees herself as a victim and she is willing to publicly make personal attacks on him. High-conflict people have similar patterns of behavior. We don’t know how he paints a picture of himself although she blames him for making personal attacks on her.

Is it just nasty, typical divorce rhetoric? Nope. The majority of divorced couples eventually move through the five stages of grief (yes, divorce/separation are grief) and stop most or all negative behaviors they’re engaging in. People who seem to stay in this nasty divorce garbage are stuck in the angry stage of grieving and can’t get past it.

Unfortunately, the kids reap the negative consequences. No doubt Christie and Peter’s kids are experiencing difficulties resulting from ongoing co-parenting conflict.  I’ll write more next week about what they can do to mitigate the damage.

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2 Responses to “Christie Brinkley says: “Google, divorcing a narcissist”!”

  1. steve mehan Says:

    Hard to believe Cindy is not a narcissist…but who is keeping the kids from the other…look at the filings, they will tell…is the husband trying to keep her from the kids…or vice-versa? She just “wants peace” (pretty lady sniffle and cry)…what is peace? Shared parenting…or does that mean Daddy should just “go away” and leave CIndy to her peace (of course “for the good of the children” must be added at the end of that request to be a politically correct alienating parent.
    We’ll see who the Narcissist is when it comes to sharing, and who is the new “center of the children’s universe”.

  2. Paula Says:

    Considering she has been married and divorced three times and this is the first bitter divorce she has experienced, I would venture to guess that Peter Cooke is the narcissist. The next day on the Today Show, he shows up claiming that his narcissism makes him a better father. Wow! Typical for someone diagnosed with NPD to do: put a positive slant on his own personality disorder. It’s insanity!

    If you couldn’t see the victimization in her eyes or hear it in her voice,, you need to wake up and listen up. This is exactly why most women won’t speak out against abuse (emotional, sexual, and physical) because who is going to believe us? After all, people are questioning Christie Brinkley, and she has enough fans that she could have easily crushed Peter Cooke’s reputation if she wanted to. But she just wants peace. Right?

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