Excerpt from The 9 Habits of Healthy People

November 17, 2011

“When you picked up this book, you were probably looking for simple, doable tips on living a long, healthy, fulfilling life. It’s a reasonable request, but the quest for good information can be a frustrating one. It’s hard to know where to search for help, when you’re constantly being bombarded by junk ads for ”miracle products” claiming to make you sexy and immortal.

“You’ll dissolve into a flabby tub of goo without our amazing ab buster diet!” warns the magazine in the checkout line. “Drink our ferocious energy shake! It cures male pattern baldness and improves SAT scores!” boasts the late night infomercial. “Apply our secret formula thigh cream and have the legs of an Amazon!” exclaims the pop-up ad. Obviously, these kinds of claims are bogus, but some advertisements are more subtle and harder to evaluate.

Ugh! Is there any way through all this phony stuff? How can you know that what you’re reading comes from a reputable source? Suppose you did find the information you needed, could you actually fit this advice into your already overstuffed day?

Rejoice! If you want a lifestyle designed for longevity and happiness, your struggle is over. The Nine Daily Habits of Healthy People puts wellness within your reach. I’ve done the boring research, extracted the relevant stuff, and integrated this insight into an easy-to-use wellness planner.

What is a wellness planner and why would you want one? Well, good health does not happen to us accidentally. It takes thoughtful consideration and consistent daily practice of healthy behaviors. A wellness planner simplifies this process helping you plot and practice those new behaviors until they become habits. Repeat these nine research-proven actions everyday (or even most days), and you’ll be well on your way to a life of freedom, vitality and joy.

The Nine Daily Habits of Healthy People blends the expertise of a doctor, the wisdom of a life coach and the compassion of a reformed Snickers junkie to give you sound advice and a simple, doable plan for adding more Zing! to your life…..like I did!”

About the Author

Melanie Lane, MD, CPCC, is a Board Certified Family Physician and fellowship trained Geriatrician with years of clinical experience in preventive medicine. She is also a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, giving her a unique understanding of what motivates us to achieve success. Additionally, she’s traveled her own wellness journey, including a 40-pound weight loss that she’s maintained for 9 years. Dr. Lane coaches individuals and groups, designs small business employee wellness programs, and speaks professionally on a wide variety of wellness topics. For more information, visit www.ZingLiving.com


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